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Aircuity Monitor: MAY 2021

Constant Volume Ventilation Is Not a Safe Choice


Recently a client was comparing Aircuity to a constant volume 6 air changes per hour (ACH) design for a new lab building. As we know from our 20 years of experience in analyzing building ventilation performance, a constant volume approach doesn’t account for the number of indoor air quality (IAQ) events that occur even on a daily basis.  

In order to assist the customer with this comparison, Aircuity’s Client Success team analyzed the prior week’s data for the 187-room project. They found that, during the one-week period, 198 events occurred where the Aircuity system detected an IAQ issue and drove the air change rate over 6 ACH. On an annual basis that’s a total of 10,296 events and 55 IAQ events per room per year. If a constant volume design of 6 ACH was used in the lab, there would have been many periods during which the air wasn’t at safe and healthy levels.


Exhaust Fan Application for California Title 24 Compliance and ESG Goals 

“Exhaust systems account for up to 20 percent of a lab facility’s HVAC cost, yet many labs maintain high exhaust stack velocities that exceed necessary levels,” said Dan Diehl, CEO at Aircuity. “After achieving energy savings through a lab demand control ventilation project, Aircuity’s exhaust fan application is the final step to ensuring a lab facility meets California’s Title 24 requirements and corporate ESG goals while being as efficient and safe as possible.”


Building Enclosure Magazine:The Financial Return of Better Indoor Environments

"As companies strategize toward re-entry and invite staff back into the office, it should be kept in mind that the physical workplace is consistently rated as one of the top factors affecting performance and job satisfaction.

Consider the following:

  • In a Dodge Analytics study, 69 percent of building owners reported that healthy building features
    increased employee satisfaction (Petrullo, 2016).
  • In a Corenet Gobal study, companies implementing healthy workplace designs reported a 47
    percent increase in employee engagement (Toner and Whelan, 2016).
  • A recent Harvard study found that office workers performed better on cognitive function tests in
    buildings with enhanced ventilation rates, equivalent to roughly $6,500 per employee per year in
    increased productivity (MacNaughton, et al., 2015)."
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