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Aircuity Monitor: MARCH 2021

Why measure IAQ with more than just CO2?

Measuring and managing IAQ is a mandatory step in ensuring chosen healthy building measures (like bi-polar ionization and filtration) are working. Using CO2 as a proxy for healthy air is a good approach, and if used, it must be done with accurate technology. This includes calibrated sensors and differential measurement. However, the “gold standard” approach to IAQ measurement and management is to combine the accurate technology with a multiple parameter approach including the measurement of total volatile organic compounds, humidity and particles. Through examining customer data we have seen many examples where CO2 levels don’t reflect an air quality issue within a room. In those cases, if multi-parameter sensing isn't used ventilation rates may not be increased to the levels needed. See real data examples on our blog.


Demand Based Control of Exhaust Fans Compliments Lab DCV for Maximum Energy Savings

Exhaust Fan App

Exhaust systems can account for as much as 20% of a lab facility’s HVAC cost. Yet, high exhaust stack velocities are typically maintained in excess of what is necessary. After achieving energy savings through a lab DCV project, the exhaust fan application is the final step to ensuring your lab facilities are as efficient as possible. There are several unique design aspects of Aircuity's technology including differential measurement and the ability to sense in the plenum versus the exhaust risers. These are important for accuracy, savings and safety.


BUILDINGS MAGAZINE ARTICLE ASKS: Are Building Managers Measuring the Right Air Quality Parameters?

Building Photo

Which IAQ standards—or “parameters”—should your building meet? The answer: the ones that most impact IAQ measurements. There are four. If your building is not measuring, managing and reporting on all four elements, you are not providing adequate protection to your tenants and office staff.

I2SL 2021

Make plans to join us for the 2021 I2SL Annual Conference and Technology Fair on September 26-29, 2021, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. We can’t wait to see our colleagues again and offer trainings, technical sessions, and valuable networking opportunities – in person, as long as it is safe to do so! For all the latest conference news and updates, visit the 2021 I2SL Annual Conference website.

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