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Aircuity Monitor: FEBRUARY 2021

Aircuity Addresses Healthy Buildings Sustainably

How Air Quality as a Service Balances Efficiency with need for Healthy Buildings

Currently we are seeing two seemingly conflicting requirements collide in the world, across all business, educational & institutional sectors. The first is the need to increase ventilation rates so people can return to healthy working and gathering places. The second is the need for organizations to maintain their sustainability commitments. 

So, how do businesses and institutions balance these seemingly conflicting objectives especially in challenging economic situations? Find out in our blog.


Forbes: Indoor Air Quality Takes Center Stage During Building Reopening

For building owners and facilities managers, indoor air quality (IAQ) is taking center stage as they plan for safe reopening of workplaces in 2021. IAQ solutions can help reduce the likelihood of airborne disease transmission.



"Aircuity monitors many IAQ parameters and designs custom solutions, which are funded through savings from an organization's operational and energy savings. The new air quality as a service (AQaaS) model requires no or low upfront capital and can deliver rapid ROI, creating a win-win result for all stakeholders. Building owners see improved IAQ and operations savings, occupants have improved peace of mind and lower rates of illness, and facilities managers have a platform to manage and maintain air quality across the facility lifetime "

Doesn't everyone deserve healthy air where they work?

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Aircuity helps companies measure, manage and report on air quality within their facility. We offer an API connection as well so clients can bring Aircuity's analytics into an existing dashboard or use our "out of the box analytics".

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