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Aircuity Monitor: OCTOBER 2020

Ivy League University Client: Aircuity Measures & Manages Critical Parameters Verifying a Healthy Building for Occupants

IAQ Parameters

There are four key categories to consider when creating a space that effectively reduces viral spread: dilution (air), filtration, humidification and sanitization. In this case study each of the buildings with Aircuity installed were examined to verify the measures taken by the university to curb the spread of COVID-19 were effective and that they had healthy air quality. Data from the university's library building will be used as an example to examine each category.


Why is it important to measure down to .3 microns and what advantage does this have if I already use a MERV filter?

Aircuity is unique because we offer a dual channel particle counter. This includes a channel between 0.3µm and 0.5µm, and a second channel which measures between 0.5µm and 2.5µm. Measuring down to .3 microns is important because:

1) Most particles are .3 -.5µm.

2) They stay airborne for a long time.

3) Filters are not effective at removing them. A MERV 13 filter is only 40% efficient with a .3 micron particle where it’s about 100% efficient with a 2.5 micron particle. 

eCampus News: Making The Built Environment Safe

Labs can teach us a lot about ensuring that air quality and ventilation in the built environment is safe for human return. READ FULL ARTICLE

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