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Aircuity Monitor: January 2018

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Michigan State University Migrates to Next Generation Aircuity Platform

Michigan State University (MSU) has migrated from the original platform to the next generation; Aircuity 2.0. To date two of the nine systems installed on campus have been migrated with the remaining seven scheduled to be completed. MSU has already used the next generation web app for insight into the operation of their labs.

David Erickson, Senior Industrial Hygienist at MSU, began using the Aircuity web app to monitor spaces as soon as the first 2.0 conversions were complete. Soon after it helped him to identify an event that took place in a procedure room.

Erickson shared, “I logged into the web app, and noticed a CO2 event, then investigated it further using the graphing and exporting feature. Within the data I could see Aircuity sensing the elevated level of CO2 and responding by increasing the amount of outside air flowing into the room- which provided added occupant protection. I contacted the building manager and we identified the source. I use Aircuity as a way to see what occupants are doing in the lab areas and 2.0 allows me to see the data in a clean and user-friendly fashion.”

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 New Features Released in Aircuity 2.0

The Innovation Team is continually working to build out Aircuity 2.0, and just before the holidays additional features were released that we'd like to share. The release included a new dashboard feature, enhancements made to the enablement tools (these are used to design the systems that are installed in your facilities), and a new feature for the Information Management System (one of the main Aircuity system components).

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